Air Freight Market Updates 2022

Air Freight Market Updates 2022. This article examines the current state of the ocean freight market as well as the air freight market. We will also discuss many factors that are likely to affect the growth of these two markets for the remainder of this year. Air Freight Market Updates 2022 | Ocean freight Since […]

Transportation and Logistics Industry Trends 2022

Transportation and Logistics Industry Trends 2022. If retailers and logistics organizations want to remain competitive in 2022, they must stay current on the latest news and developments in the logistics and supply chain industries. The disruption caused by COVID-19 to the equilibrium between the supply and demand of products had a significant effect. This effect […]

Ocean Freight Rate Forecast 2022

Our topic for today is Ocean Freight Rate Forecast 2022. On the basis of high ocean freight rates on few basic shipping routes, the average cost of the shipping went up to almost 300% in the year 2021. It cost about USD10, 500 to ship a 40-foot container from Shanghai to Rotterdam. This is 550% […]

Ocean Freight Market Outlook 2022-2024

Ocean Freight Market Outlook 2022-2024. When governments worldwide had to put lockdowns in place because of the pandemic, there was no demand for goods from other countries. In response, shipping companies cancelled trips (called “blank sailings”) and took many of their ships out of service. But 2020 was a year with two very different halves. […]

Example of Supply Chain Management Information System & How it Works for your business?

Our topic for today is Example of Supply Chain Management Information System & How it Works for your business? The tasks that make up the supply chain process are together by a system for managing the supply chain. The manufacturer, the wholesaler, the distributor, and the retailer are all significant parts of the supply chain […]

How To Start A Customs Brokerage Business: 7 Steps For An Easy Beginning!

How To Start A Customs Brokerage Business: 7 Steps For An Easy Beginning. A good business will need good support from other services. It can improve their business and ease their transportation issues manifold. However, this help can come from different sources. And each source will give specific benefits. If you need to transport goods, […]

Role Of Freight Forwarder In Supply Chain: The Incomparable Values!

Role Of Freight Forwarder In Supply Chain: The Incomparable Values. A business has to begin and establish itself on the world map to succeed further. However, it is a possibility if it acquires the services of a top-notch transporter of their goods. Without a good transporter, many factors can risk your shipment. In essence, the […]

Characteristics of Intermodal Transportation, How It May Affect Freight Industry And Its Future

The characteristics of Intermodal transportation are a vital component of the global economy, with an estimated $1.4 trillion in annual trade value. The intermodal transportation reduces overall carbon emissions and fuel consumption. It is more environmentally friendly than other modes of transportation. A guide to intermodal transportation Intermodal transportation is transporting goods or passengers from […]

Examples of Intermodal Transportation, How they work and their Impacts

Intermodal transportation is an integral part of the world’s economy. It provides efficient means to move large amounts of goods from one point to another. The most common examples of intermodal transportation is rail transport, which transports passengers and goods using trains or trucks. What is Intermodal Transportation? Intermodal transportation is a method of transporting […]

COVID Supply Chain Disruption Examples: A Detailed Overview

What is COVID? COVID Supply Chain Disruption Examples is the focus of our today’s discussion. COVID-19 is a new strain of COV, causing supply chain disruptions for the past few years. The COVID-19 strain was found in 2012, creating supply chain difficulties. The strain proliferates and is resistant to many common pesticides used to control it. […]

Russian War on Ukraine: Effects & Future of Supply Chain Industry

The brutal Russian War on Ukraine represents a dramatic transition after centuries of consistency, violating fundamental values of democracy and the rule of law, with serious consequences for millions of people’s livelihoods. We are closely monitoring current events and trying to gather information and intelligence to assist the supply chain. A preliminary round of investigations […]