Freight Forwarding Near Me

Freight forwarding services have become common in every part of the world. The service providers have helped different industries. Freight Forwarder service providers manage the transport of goods and deliver them safely from one destination to another. The companies specialize in logistics and allow the importers and exporters by providing them with the best transport solutions. These companies handle arrangements to transfer goods and services across land, air, and sea.

1. DHL Worldwide Express (Freight Forwarding)

DHL worldwide is one of the most reliable freight companies in the world. If you are searching for freight forwarding near me then you must get DHL worldwide express in the search list. DHL is one of the most reliable service providers that make shipments easy. Businesses and brands can deliver their goods safely across the globe. DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE offers reliable service and has a fast transit time.

All your shipments are delivered to their destination fast and quick if you hire the services of DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE. Your shipment will be delivered before the end of the working day or a few working days later. If you want to make international shipments, then choosing the services of DHL worldwide is the best choice. The company offers Electronic proof of delivery and provides the clients with the signature of the recipient. The services are available worldwide. You can leave your deliveries at the drop-off and collection points in over 220 countries.

If you are looking for freight forwarding services, then KUEHNE+NAGEL is one of the most reliable services. The company delivers all kinds of products safely to the destination. The company offers air freight, sea freight, and road freight. You can choose the freight type according to your requirement and get a free quote from the company. You can also book your freight online by using the official website of the company.


The vehicles used for road freight are fast and reliable. If you are running a local business, then hiring road freight might be the right choice for you. If you are interested in international shipments, then choosing the sea and air freights is suitable. The company provides reliable and quick services at reasonable prices as well.

3. DB Schenker 

DB Schenker is one of the best freight forwarding services in the world. The company has pushed every limit of logistics. The team at DB Schenker is one of the best supply chain management industries. The company provides reliable services and allows the customers to find the best shipping solution.

eSchenker offers the most advanced logistic solution yet. The company incorporates the best eServices into one portal and allows the customers to enjoy the maximum support. The team will help you with tracking and scheduling. They will guide you with booking and reporting and has your entire logistics covered.

The company has over 430 land transportation branches across Europe. They provide the best land transport products and services. The company provides the best transportation services on the road and rail. The surface freight solutions for your products are reliable and quick.

4. Sinotrans 

Sinotrans Limited is one of the largest logistics companies in the world. The company is based in China. It provides support services that include storage and terminal services. If you are looking for reliable trucking and marine transportation services, then choosing this company is the best choice.

The company started in 2002 and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003. They provides reliable vehicles to transfer your goods from one place to another. The company is one of the largest shipping companies in China. If you are into the import-export business, then using the freight forwarding services of Sinotrans is the best choice. A reliable company will deliver your shipments within the promised time.

5. DSV

If you want to connect your business with the world, then DSV is your best shipping partner. The company deals with clients globally and will help you to ship your products safely from one place to another. It is one of the best logistic companies in the world. If you are running a global powerhouse, then delivering your goods to the destination will be helpful.

If you are a local startup business, then choosing the DSV services will be helpful in many ways. The company will help you to make your business grow. You can book your freight forwarding deal online with a lot of conveniences. You can also ask for a free quote before making a deal. or local startup. We’re here to help your business grow.

6. Expeditors International, Inc

Expeditors International Inc is offering some of the best forfeiting solutions to the customers. They are handling this work for over 40 years now. If you are looking for the best forfeiting company near me they can suit your requirements. Expeditors offer a lot of services and support for plenty of industries. It will help you carry out your logistic challenges like never before.

The leading-edge technology is used by this company. Every expert of this company will guide you on how to take care of your business. They can also customize a plan and help you reach your logistic and business enhancement goals. Here are some of the services of this company:

Supply chain performance

You will be delighted to work with Expeditors international. They deal with your logistics with the best security measures. If this isn’t enough they will take care of the inventory management with good strategies too.


Whether you are looking for air, ocean, or ground options for logistics you can choose them all. The transportation services are affordable, reliable, and efficient at the same time.

Custom and Compliance

It’s about time you can tap into some innovative technologies. By getting in touch with Expeditors you can get some of the best services. We deal with your logistics keeping in mind global and local regulations.

7. Nippon Express

Nippon Express will help you move the cargo from one place to the other. They will deliver your logistics safely and efficiently. Even the most delicate and sensitive deliveries will remain safe during transit. Here is what they can offer:

Air Freight 

Nippon Express offers good forfeiting services and has a wide range of experience. They know how to cater to the needs of customers in various industries. You will be surprised to know that they deal with 60 international air carriers.

Ocean Freight 

The company provides its top-notch services to all the manufacturing and trading companies. With the best global ocean transportation, they will deliver your products safely to distant places.

 Land Freight 

Nippon Express deals with both LTL and FTL carriers and offers top-notch transportation services all over the Globe. You don’t have to worry about logistics anymore. The freight forwarding is offered for Canada, the USA, and other places.

8. UPS Supply Chain Solutions

UPS Supply Chain solutions offer door-to-door freight services. They can deliver both small and big packages efficiently and safely. The big products are moved on pallets and containers. If you are planning to enhance your business on a wide level you can take their services at affordable rates.

Freight modes and services

They offer freight modes and services at affordable rates. When you get international freight services it can be critical but they can deal with everything perfectly. You can get guaranteed options and good quality services. If we talk about ocean freight it will help you move your products across 2300 lanes. You don’t need to be nervous about going inside the ocean as everything will be safe and secure.

 Ground freight is another option that you can avail yourself especially if you want to grow your business to a new level. Another good option is Multimodal Freight and it is relatively less expensive than air freight. It is also a lot faster than the ocean freight. The multimodal will feel just about right when it comes to moving your products from one place to the other. They can also handle urgent service freight in case you want them.

9. Bollore Logistics

Bollore Logistics is a famous company that offers forfeiting services. It was established in 1969. This company is present in 17 cities all over the USA while they have headquarters in New York. They offer a wide range of services including air and ocean freight. The project cargo is another service that they offer. If this isn’t enough they also handle custom brokerage for the clients.

Bollore Logistics has plenty of distribution and e-commerce centers. This company boasts of around 500 experts and they all are very much skilled in what they do. Aerospace, healthcare, cosmetics, and other services are also offered by this company. 

Aerospace logistics

Bollore Logistics has got all the supply chain solutions. They can cater to the needs of all the industries very well. The good thing is that they make sure that they handle all the tasks keeping in mind the safety of your products. If you want to deliver spare parts and units from one place to the other, they can do it all.