Our CEO in the Media

In this episode below, Our CEO David Rosendorf talks about what he learned about himself, his business, and other entrepreneurs that dealt with the drastic change in the transportation and freight industry. He discusses the importance of relationships with vendors and clients that helped create a win-win solution and led to innovative solutions to keep working together and help their businesses continue to thrive. He also shared a pivotal moment in his life, trying to keep his business thriving, and dealing with a health crisis. This podcast is filled with lessons and tips on the importance of having the right positive mindset to face the ups and downs life gives you.

The Rich Equation


This podcast below features David Rosendorf, the President and Owner of DNA Supply Chain Solutions featured on The Launchpad Podcast with Carmine Denisco.
This podcast is a phenomenal segment for all entrepreneurs and logistics professionals interested in gleaning valuable insight from the combined experience of David and Carmine.
In the business of US Imports? This is a must listen!

The Launchpad