Air Cargo Capacity 2022 Current Situation

Air cargo capacity 2022 is a great mode of transportation of goods by air. Many people want to transport goods urgently. It is challenging to transport goods within a short time. Therefore, cargo Companies are working in this field with the latest technology. The use of technology makes transport easier and more secure. You can search […]

Air Cargo Statistics 2022 Analysis

Nowadays, trading has become easy through shipment companies. Whether you want to transport goods from a nearby country or a far country, use air cargo. These companies plan and implement the air cargo statistics 2022.  The significance of air cargo statistics 2022 Statistics play a significant role in making the air cargo business go well. You […]

Challenges Faced by Air Cargo Industry

The Air cargo industry runs smoothly with fast delivery of goods. The challenges faced by air cargo industry are numerous. Many businesses use this service regularly.  What are the challenges faced by Air cargo industry? There are many challenges and problems in air cargo companies. Listed below are some of the air cargo challenges 2021. 1.      Not using technology […]

The Essential Guide to Air Freight Services Process, Costs, and Timelines

Air freight services/air transportation or international shipping can benefit your supply chain. Shorter transit times are available for exporters and importers. Air shipments also tend to spend less time in customs clearance. Due to the low risk of goods being damaged or lost on a flight. Also, high-value cargo can be safely and efficiently shipped […]

Air Freight Company vs. Air Cargo: How these Two Modes of Transportation are Different from one Another?

When it comes to transporting goods by air, air freight company and air cargo are synonymous terms that are interchangeable. There are a number of differences between both of these long-distance shipping processes, despite the fact that both are used for long-distance shipping. It doesn’t matter if they’re transporting lighter or heavier goods. Both of […]