What is VGM in Shipping?

What is VGM in Shipping? Each year, the sea takes 1,500 cargo containers by accident or other catastrophes. Accurate weight recording can frequently distinguish between a safe voyage and a disaster. Because of this, cargoes must have their verified gross mass before the vessel has loaded, either as a component of the shipping specifications or […]

Transportation and Logistics Industry Trends 2022

Transportation and Logistics Industry Trends 2022. If retailers and logistics organizations want to remain competitive in 2022, they must stay current on the latest news and developments in the logistics and supply chain industries. The disruption caused by COVID-19 to the equilibrium between the supply and demand of products had a significant effect. This effect […]

Russian War on Ukraine: Effects & Future of Supply Chain Industry

The brutal Russian War on Ukraine represents a dramatic transition after centuries of consistency, violating fundamental values of democracy and the rule of law, with serious consequences for millions of people’s livelihoods. We are closely monitoring current events and trying to gather information and intelligence to assist the supply chain. A preliminary round of investigations […]