Ship by Air Freight

After a bit of research, you will find that the shipping modes are available in numerous types. And each one of the modes is having its own basic advantages and characteristics which makes it different from others. Right through this article, we will shed a light on what air freight services are and why is it important for transporting the items from one place to another.


For most people air freight is the best option for all those shippers who are looking forward to send their all goods over the shorter shipping period. It is even preferred at the time when the cargo value is quite high and the total volume is comparatively low.

According to the IATA, the air freight company acts as the trading facilitator where it is contributing towards the global economic development and hence creates millions of jobs. The entire global economy is depending based on delivering great products at much competitive prices to all the consumers worldwide.

This Air cargo simply transports around US $6 trillion worth of goods which makes around 35% of the world’s trade by value. The volumes and the demand transported by the air are huge.

Why you should Choose Air Freight?

  • Prompt Shipping

We all recognize this one! Airfreight is chosen when the shipper requires his items be delivered quickly. It is one of the quickest choices accessible when the distance between the starting place and the delivery spot is large and time at hand is very little.

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  • Reliable Shipping Time

Air freight tops the listing when we talk about well-timed shipping of goods, irrespective of the destination. Airfreight hardly ever alters their agenda at the ultimate moment, besides emergency conditions or alternate in authority’s plans, like at some point of the Covid-19 pandemic; however, one can count number on the transport instances as recommended through the service or the freight forwarder.

  • Easy to Track

Airfreight offers the flexibility to music your items proper from departure till they are delivered, given the restored flight schedules. Freight forwarders like ProConnect Integrated Logistics can without difficulty provide you get access to manage your shipments in transit – you can be positive about the popularity of your goods.

  • Batter Cargo Security

In air freight, the controlling factors of items are lesser, in contrast to sea and street freight, consequently, the chance of loss, theft, or harm to the cargo is reduced. Also, given the reality that airports have strict security hints with faster clearance strategies makes air freight an extra tightly closed freight delivery option.

  • Send Goods across Continents

Air freight enables transport items from any foundation to any destination given the sizeable presence of airports alongside a massive community of airlines; all this in a shorter length of time!

  • Low Cost of Storage and Warehousing

Since air freight allows quicker logistics, the want to have the giant extent of stock saved at the vacation spot may additionally no longer be required. Inventory can be restocked within 2-3 days relying on the goods. Therefore, air freight can assist you decrease the cost of warehousing and storage at the destination.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Air Freight Company

When it comes to the selection of air freight forwarding companies, you should be careful about your final choice by considering few points in mind. Let’s highlight a few of them below:

  • Industry Expertise

The primary thing which you should be careful about is the expertise of that company. You should always choose a company that fully knows how to run any freight business. Plus, they should be having all the basic knowledge about how the freight goods are handled and how they are transported at any destination on time.

Before you come up with any sort of commitment with them, you should make sure that they should have transported similar products in the past experience too. For example, you should not be giving any local company with the task where they have to ship the goods from or to a foreign company. If you really want to get the shipping services as across the state, then try to looking for an excellent or the reliable domestic freight company.

  • Capacity

Choose an enterprise that the ability to store and ship your items besides detrimental or delays. At times, you want a company that will supply your load inside the shortest time possible, however in view that they do no longer have ample vessels, they will disappoint you. That is why you want to rent a freight company that can ship your exact as agreed in the contract.

Handling ability is always an essential element when it comes to deciding on a freight company. You can examine the company’s coping with potential by means of checking out their each day or month-to-month cargo volume. That way, you will have a thought about their coping with capacity. Therefore, make sure that you pick out a company with adequate or first-class managing ability.

  • Technology

In the middle of the transportation advancement, a huge competition has taken place where so many freight companies are stepping into market. And this has been made possible due to the latest technology introduced by the market for the easy and quick shipping of items. Some of the new shipping device and storage vessels or the satellite tracking devices has been introduced. Tis will help you to keep a regular record of all your shipping items so they won’t be at the risk of getting damaged or lost.

  • Costs and Terms and Policies

Last most important factor is related with the terms and policies of the company you are selecting. Along with the best services, that freight company needs to be standing in accordance with your freight terms and policies. Perform a complete homework and do a bit of research to find something which is successful.