Air Freight Market Updates 2022

Air Freight Market Updates 2022. This article examines the current state of the ocean freight market as well as the air freight market. We will also discuss many factors that are likely to affect the growth of these two markets for the remainder of this year.

Air Freight Market Updates 2022 | Ocean freight

Since the reopening of Shanghai, the market has been sending us conflicting signals. Businesses are taking much longer than anyone had anticipated getting production back up to speed. As a direct consequence of this, the overall market continues to be weaker than anticipated.

This is primarily due to the fact that certain market segments have a lot of stock, as was stated by some of the larger retailers in recent statements.

On the other hand, other shipping and logistics company markets are still doing rather well. This indicates that there is a significant demand for products. Products that can be shipped by swift ocean freight, air charters, and normal air freight.

Due to the unpredictability of this year, we anticipate the peak season to begin in the middle to late part of July. We anticipate that it will continue through the conclusion of the third quarter. Carriers will keep a close eye on the volumes over the course of three months. This is just in order to determine what they should do in the fourth quarter and beyond.

In the current market, we are putting a significant amount of effort into providing our clients with a number of different options. Options that are tailored to meet their requirements. This will assist them in dealing with certain logistics and freight forwarding issues. It includes:

  • An excessive amount of traffic at ports
  • Delays on the tracks
  • An inadequate supply of chassis

Air freight

As we move into the third quarter, we anticipate that the air freight market will be impacted by a number of factors in the months ahead.

The majority of these will be determined by certain factors. This will include the state of the global economy, the state of the ocean freight industry or the geopolitical events.

Nevertheless, we believe that market demand will continue to be high through the year 2022. Because there will be a gap between supply and demand. This gap will be caused by fewer passenger flights. It might even happen due to the end of “preighter” flights, and problems in the market for ocean transport, as we mentioned earlier.

Air Freight Market Updates 2022 | Logistics Freight Company Market:

When it comes to the logistics freight company market for airfreight, some of the challenges include limited space. The other is a shortage of staff, and an absence of infrastructure. We think that the labour shortage will continue to be a problem for the air freight business.

As a result of layoffs that took place during COVID-19, there are still an insufficient number of pilots. The number of ground employees is also insuffcient. This is actually forcing flights all over the world to be cancelled.

Because there is not enough capacity to assemble and break down freight in warehouses. The infrastructure problems will also continue to slow down the speed at which cargo is transported.

Even if this topic was covered in more depth earlier in the essay, it is essential to emphasise once more that the condition of the ocean freight market has an effect on the demand in the air freight market.

Requirement & Cost of Air Freight:

You will be in a need of calculating how much air freight is required and how much it costs. For that sake, different factors are taken into account such as amount of available space. Second step is the cost of ocean freight, and the number of people working in the USWC and UK ports all come into play.

Due to the anticipated increase in the volume of cargo following the lockout did not occur, the number of people working in China’s ports is decreasing. As a direct result of this, the costs of transporting goods by ocean have decreased.

Because there is greater space in the ocean, there is more room for air freight to travel in the eastward lane of the transpacific highway. As a direct consequence of this development, pricing has been trending downward over the previous few weeks.

There have been no recent logistic services adjustments made to the prices for the transpacific route heading west.


Continued inflationary pressures could make it more difficult for individuals to buy products. This will drive central banks to take action through the implementation of monetary policies such as more rate increases.

Thus, the most effective way to serve our clients who travel by sea is to maintain a keen awareness. The same goes for those who go by air. Awareness of what is occurring in the rest of the globe. The market will continue to be impacted by a variety of factors during the remainder of 2022.

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