List Fake Shipping Company Names

Our topic for today is List Fake Shipping Company Names. Yes, just like phony banking websites, false shipping line websites are built using the “phishing” technique. The International Maritime Bureau is cautioning users of these sites. Such websites have been developed to provide scammers more validity to lure in their intended victims. It is especially true for shipments shipped in containers, where plausible tracking websites demonstrate the level of complexity used.

How Do I Know If a Shipping Company is Legit

Check all of the warning signs to determine the company’s validity.

  • Verify that the email address and the business match.
  • Verify their spelling errors.
  • Check to see if they are making unusual requests for money, information, etc.
  • Verify that the URL links point to the legitimate corporate website.
  • Check the email to see if your order or package tracking number gets mentioned.

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List Fake Shipping Company Names | Is One Time Success Shipping Company Legit

Yes! By comprehending their needs and going above and beyond their expectations by fostering a culture of creativity and forward-thinking, they consistently improve how they serve all their clients, partners, and employees.

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They provide adaptable and scalable maritime freight solutions to meet your unique demands. Their partnerships with top carriers are the secret to their affordable services. The term “freight” originally only applied to products or produce transported by ship, boat, or airplane in a general sense for financial gain. Still, it frequently applies to all sorts of freight transported by train, van, truck, or intermodal container.

They are experts in airfreight forwarding and provide unmatched levels of client service and a wide variety of international air cargo options. You can acquire incredibly reduced rates with the use of their service. About clients with unique requirements, their freight services have consistently displayed unparalleled excellence.

Fake Shipping Websites

The Bureau recently looked into two cases that demonstrate how, although appearing plausible, such online confirmations can only sometimes be present. These emphasize the requirement for independent credit-compliance document verification even more, especially regarding the bill of lading.

The first instance concerns a cargo of copper cathodes packaged in containers that are valuable and made from South America to the Far East. On their face, the Bs/L provided seemed to be in order. According to the carrier’s website, the cargo had its loading by the two Bs/Ls. On the other hand, IBM’s research ran counter to what the website claimed.

The physical carrier informed the Bureau immediately that the ship was transacting business elsewhere. Although the ship had fueled up at the discharge port, cargo operations had yet to be present in connection with this deal. The bogus carrier website also contained many errors regarding the ship, which emphasizes the possible issue with relying on such sources for cargo confirmation.

Fake Shipping Websites (Second Case)

The second instance is the alleged delivery of fake urea cargo from Malaysia to Vietnam. In this case, the carrier’s website resembled the official website of one of the biggest line firms in the world. In actuality, the website pages were present in a way that consumers would mistakenly think they were interacting with the official carrier’s website at first glance.

The web pages also contained corporate logos resembling the liner corporation. The line firm subsequently took down the offending website. However, by this point, the harm had already occurred, and the unwitting victim had already given the people behind the phony website a substantial sum of money.

Banks and other organizations should be cautious when requesting online confirmation from specific carrier websites. Total dependence on website verification should get avoided unless the carrier is well-known and the website’s origins can get confirmed. Fraudsters have quickly recognized the benefits of a well-presented website in advancing their “company,” just like legitimate companies have.

The Bureau can quickly and independently check the validity of trade documents thanks to a network of connections it has developed over the past 30 years. The two incidents mentioned above are just some of the ones where third-party online confirmation sharply deviates from reality and the Bureau’s conclusions and recommendations to its banking members. These won’t be the last, as far as we know.

List Fake Shipping Company Names | Tracking Fake Courier Company

Please refuse to pay for the delivery of a package purportedly supplied by a business with a name similar to SPEED COURIERS, and you reside outside the United Kingdom. Outside of the UK, they don’t have any offices. The likelihood is high that the promise made to you is untrue if it seems too good to be true. You will make friends with a stranger who sends faulty goods to you using a fictitious delivery service.

Before delivery, the bogus courier will demand payment or a customs charge. Tell them you will pay when the courier delivers or when you pick up the package from the courier’s office.


To sum up take each step with extreme care and do proper research. Meanwhile, we wish you goodluck.

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